Vpran Inc is not responsible for any kind of transaction, fraud, and other actions did/taken by the clients for whom we developed the website. our clients will be responsible for their actions/operations done by them.we strictly support oppose the fraud done by any website which is developed by vpran inc.you can take any type of action against our client if you find they are doing fraud and you can report them to your cyber office in your country. no one can take any action against us for our client’s business. if anyone tries to do and defame us for our client’s business then we will take strictly against them for defaming us and we will take this matter to court in India.

we can not stop the website until and unless we receive an order from any legal authorities in India. our work is to develop a website and host it for our clients, not their business. if you face any fraud from our clients you can take legal actions against them. we can’t share our client’s information with any other person except legal authorities in India.